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August 2014 ~ Astrology & Horoscopes

astrology august


By Rose Marcus @ August 2014


August Overview:

August gets a big push right out the starting gate thanks to Mars in Scorpio square Jupiter on Aug 1. Mercury conjunct Jupiter and square Mars on Aug 2 can play up drama or impetuousness, but Mars is also in a soft-around-the-edges aspect (trine) with Neptune which perfects on Aug 7. This alignment helps…

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Daily Inspiration ~ August 1st

you are what you want


You are what you want to become.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh ~

~ Image by Jonathon Harel

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Daily I Ching ~ August 1st

sunrise 3 15: Humility

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Hexagram 15

General Meaning: Humility is often rewarded in human affairs, just as the erosion of a great mountain fills the valley. It is the way of nature to fill the empty cup. Regardless of your position, humility is a positive and deceptively powerful attribute. If you are in a high position but are still humble, people will be drawn to you and the causes you…

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August ~ A Celtic Festival ~ Teltane or Lammas

august lammas-blog-pic-1024x728


Even as the fullness of the Sun hung heavy in the summer sky, our ancestors noticed that each succeeding day saw the Sun rising later and setting earlier. As an assurance that the Sun would retain its power until the harvest was complete, the Celts celebrated a ritual marriage on this day between Lugh, the Sun, and Eire, the Earth. This cosmic mating of the male and female energies was…

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August 2014 ~ Spiritual Maturity ~ Prayer & Vision



~ August ~

Archangel Gabriel

~ Spiritual Maturity ~


August is the month during which nature celebrates her maturity.  The hatchlings in the nest have found the wings to fly, and the boughs of the old apple tree are heavy with fruit.  The Godseed within our hearts is also ripening so that we become more flexible, more tolerant of the shades of gray that characterize life on the planet. …

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Your Horoscope ~ July 31 – August 6, 2014

astrology july 31


by Rose Marcus

Just in time for the long weekend, Mercury treks into pleasure-minded Leo. Let the good times roll! If you’re thinking like the rest of us, you’ll check out of work before you get out the door. Friday’s Mars square Jupiter aims to get a jump-start on the evening rush hour. While we’ll see a lot of people on the move, travellers aren’t likely to have a lot of patience.


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Daily Inspiration ~ July 31st

~ Recognize the natural silence of your own Self. Silence is not a behavior. Silence is not a practice.

Daily I Ching ~ July 31st

sunrise 4 12: Standstill

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Hexagram 12

General Meaning: A state of standstill is a state of decline. Confusion and disorder prevail. Inferior elements are on the rise, while the powers of clarity and creativity are waning. In such times, the wise take shelter in their own integrity and quietly remain faithful to their highest selves. Retreat from public activities and common exchanges until…

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The Rolling Stones Years ~ Baron Wolman

The rolling Stones years

The Rolling Stone Years features the work of Baron Wolman, the first photographer to work for America’s legendary Rolling Stonemagazine, many of whose images from the late sixties and early seventies have become iconic shots from rock’s most fertile era. Alongside scores of classic photos is Baron’s first-hand account of the magazine’s early years and his memorable encounters with the rock…

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Daily Inspiration ~ July 30th

~ Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language… It is to say, ‘My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours.’ ~ Desmond Tutu ~